Food Containers To Go

Food-to-go never looked better: Give your customers an unmatched take-out experience with our premium to-go containers.

High-end restaurant owners, Gourmet-To-Go®, foil to-go containers are designed for your success. Maintain the first-class standards of quality and service your customers expect when they choose to take your dishes home, with exceptional to-go containers. Designed for premium restaurants embracing the trend towards take-out, our upscale to-go containers allow you to maintain your luxury aesthetic and go the extra mile for your customers.

Exceptionally designed aluminum to-go containers also offer the perfect solution for events, from weddings to conferences. Gourmet-To-Go® fancy to-go containers can be used anywhere food is delivered or served, and a reputation for excellence needs to be upheld.

Supermarkets and processors can also benefit from the Gourmet-To-Go® design. These perfectly stackable to-go containers feature a flange that enables the use of heat-sealable film.

When it comes to take-out containers for wholesale, Gourmet-To-Go® carry out containers are the ultimate, preferred solution for high-end restaurants, family-friendly establishments, eco-friendly eateries and more. Upscale food vendors of all kinds can benefit from our stunning to-go food containers.

Eco-Friendly To-Go Containers

Gourmet-To-Go® eco-friendly to-go containers appeal to environmentally-conscious brands; both the base and the lid of these aluminum to-go containers are 100% recyclable. Consider this high-end design for:
  • High-end restaurants and cares.
  • Vegan and vegetarian restaurants.
  • Restaurants with a younger or eco-conscious demographic.
  • Eateries with large numbers of take-out and delivery requests.
  • Caterers preparing food for special occasions.
  • City restaurants where recycling is managed and encouraged.
  • Restaurants with strong corporate-social responsibility ethics.

High-end, recyclable to-go containers can make a lasting impression on your customers.

Cold and Hot Food To-Go Containers

Hot food to-go containers with lids are ideal for dishes of any kind. Whether you’re looking for sushi to-go containers or taco to-go containers, Gourmet-To-Go® offers the perfect solution.

With the ability to keep food hot or cold as required, and sealed for safety and hygiene, to-go containers with lids are perfect for restaurants of all kinds.

High-End To-Go Container Design

Gourmet-To-Go® high end to-go containers are designed to indulge your customers, and are available in three stunning color combinations:
  • Black and Gold
  • Silver
  • White

The luxury aesthetic associated with these hot food to-go containers goes beyond color and visual design. These high quality restaurant to-go containers also demonstrate quality through their premium materials, structure and ability to keep your food fresh as it is transported and stored.
Choose white, silver, gold or black to-go containers to best suit your brand image, event, style or dish.

To-Go Containers at Wholesale Prices

Our to-go containers are affordable for restaurants and other food vendors that must adhere to a structured budget. These take-out containers for wholesale are priced to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Choose high end to-go containers for wholesale by Gourmet-To-Go® for the ultimate in quality without compromise.

Why Choose Gourmet-To-Go®, Food Containers To-Go?

High quality food containers to-go from our Gourmet-To-Go® range offer upscale restaurants an advanced solution to take-out. With our upscale to-go containers, you’re able to maintain product quality and brand image as consumer preference for take-out continues. These high quality designs will elevate your brand and maintain your reputation among diners of all kinds.

  • Gourmet-To-Go® restaurant to-go containers can be used in conventional or microwave ovens, when the directions provided are followed correctly.
  • The unique flange works to make this range of to-go containers usable with heat-sealable film.
  • Their sturdy, snap-on plastic dome lids enable these foil to-go containers to easily stack.
  • Gourmet-To-Go® 100% recyclable to-go containers appeal to environmentally conscious brands and consumers.
  • These carry out containers enable easy transition of food, as they are suitable for use in the freezer, in the oven and on the table, for simple serving.
  • Stunning to-go container design reinforces your brand as a high-end caterer or restaurant, protecting your brand image and supporting customer satisfaction.
  • Gourmet-To-Go® carry out containers offer an affordable, high-end solution to restaurants adapting to take-out dining.

Order Your Gourmet-To-Go® Carry Out Containers

The next step towards carry and take-out success is to contact our team and order your Gourmet-To-Go®, food containers to-go.

We’re proud to offer exceptional customer service, as well as the highest quality to-go food containers. Handi-Foil of America is a trusted wholesale brand, well-known in the food service industry for manufacturing aluminum to-go containers with innovative design. We are market leaders, with almost 80 years of experience crafting aluminum foil containers, and are recognized as foilware pioneers and experts.

Contact Handi-foil of America today for more information or to place your order. We’re confident we’ll become your preferred source for high-end to-go food containers designed for your business’ success.

Strike Gold with HFA's Gourmet-To-Go®!

Food-to-Go never looked better: Take your customers’ take-out experience to a higher level with our premium & stylish containers. The perfect stackable package for restaurants, supermarkets, and processors. Special flange allows the use of heat-sealable film.

Available in three styles – Black and Gold, Silver, and White

Other features of these containers are:

  • The products can be used in conventional or microwave ovens when used according to directions.
  • The unique flange works make the product usable with heat sealable film.
  • Sturdy, snap-on plastic dome lid stacks well.
  • Both base and lid are 100% recyclable.
  • A product can go from freezer to oven to table.