With nearly 80 years of experience in the aluminum foil container business, Handi-foil of America, Inc. is a privately owned, American manufacturer of foil containers, roll foil, and plastic dome lids. HFA, as we are commonly known, is an industry recognized as the market leader providing a complete line of foil containers and complementary accessories of the highest quality.

Steam Tables

Full, half, and 1/3 steam table pans are available in shallow, medium, and deep varieties, the half steam table is also available in extra deep. These steam table pans offer increased strength which provides increased holding power. The attractive new patent-pending design allows for the same gauge and superior quality.

  • Full and Half Steam table pans
  • Extra Deep Steam table pans - with patent-pending TRU-FIT design technology
  • TRU-FIT EXTRA DEEP Full, Half, One Third and One Quarter Steam Table Pans - for optimal fit
  • Full Curl Lids for Third, Half, and Full Steam Table Pans - on all four corners for safer handling

We Also offer Steam Table Pan Lids for all of our Full, Half, Third and Quarter size pans. To learn more click here.

We have revolutionized the aluminum steam table segment with new Tru-Fit sizes and Full Curl Lids - designed for optimal fit, enhanced capacity, and ideal performance.

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Food Service Roll Foil

We offer our roll foil in two distinct brands, Handi-foil and Medallion. Now available in space-saving, eco-friendly packaging! See the Eco-Friendly tab for more details.


Our name brand roll foil is our premium line and offers excellent strength and quality in our new eco-friendly packaging. We offer many sizes available in both Standard and Heavy Duty strengths to be suitable for your specific needs.


Our economy brand of roll foil offers great quality for the price conscious buyer.  Roll foil is now delivered in our eco-friendly packaging and offered in various sizes in both Standard and Heavy Duty strengths to suit your needs.

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Interfolded Foil Sheets


Our name brand interfolded sheets are perfect for those quick wrap applications. Individual interfolded aluminum foil sheets make life easier by eliminating the need to individually tear each sheet of foil. Offered in a variety of sizes, counts, and case packs.


Our economy brand of interfolded sheets offers easy to use individual sheets of interfolded aluminum foil to make life easier. This brand is great for the price-conscious buyer and is offered in a variety of sizes, counts, and case packs.

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Food Service Film

Handi-film® is our new food service film brand. We offer our film in three sizes, 12”, 18” and 24” with the option of either a metal cutter or a slide cutter. Handi-film® is a strong PVC film with superior cling capability. Handi-film is clearly the choice food service film for the kitchen!

  • Available in 12”, 18” and 24” widths with a metal cutter or slide cutter
  • A strong PVC film with SUPERIOR cling
  • Handi-film can be combined with all HFA products to make a minimum order

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Gourmet-to-Go® Brand

Gourmet To Go®, our premium, black & gold, smooth wall containers. These stylish containers are the perfect package for restaurant take-out, supermarket meat or deli packaging, food processing, bakeries or prepared meal purveyors. The classic black & gold design makes this the perfect home meal replacement container. You can cook or reheat your meal in the container and then serve directly from the container for a home cooked presentation.

All three of these pans are available in combo packs with tight-fitting PET dome lids, which help to prevent spills. Other features of these containers are:

  • The products can be used in conventional or microwave ovens when used according to directions.
  • The unique flange works make most Gourmet to Go products usable with heat sealable film.
  • There is a stacking feature on both pan & lid.
  • Both pan and lid are 100% recyclable.
  • A product can go from freezer to oven to table.

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Oblong pans are available in a range of sizes from 1lb. up to 5lb, with varying depths. Laminated board lids and plastic dome lids are available for all of these pans as well.  Oblong pans are popular and affordable solutions for all carry-out applications.

They're versatile enough to also accommodate a wide variety of food service, bakery, and restaurant needs.

Don't miss out on this sensible solution!

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Round pans are available in 6½", 7", 8", 9" and 10" sizes. Laminated board lids and plastic dome lids are available for most applications. Round pans are great for food service distribution or for use in carry-out, restaurants, and catering.

NEW! HFA’s Patent Pending Full Curl Packaging for Better Safety & Handling: 7” Round, 9” Round, 2 1/4 lb. Oblong

  • The Comfort-Edge preferred by servers and consumers
  • Engineered to improve the carry-out food handling experience
  • Builds on the proven market success of Full Curl Steam Table Lid technology

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Sold in bulk packs for heavy aluminum foil pan users. Versatile and perfect for catering and carry needs. Universal Dome Lids fit both plastic & Aluminum trays

  • Rectangular Serving Tray
  • Round Serving Tray ( 12", 16", 18")
  • Lazy Susan Tray
  • Plastic Dome Lid
  • Embossed and Plastic Black Designs

Handi-Lock® Plastic Containers

Handi-Lock® is our new line of clear plastic hinged containers. These hinged containers are popular and affordable solutions for all carry-out applications.  They're versatile enough to also accommodate a wide variety of food service, bakery, and restaurant needs.

  • Dual Handi-Lock™ buttons give a secure closure with an audible snap
  • OPS material for excellent clarity, product visibility, and recyclability
  • Ribbed sidewalls for optimal strength and stackability
  • Stackable design for space-saving merchandising and stability

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Pie pans are available in many sizes including 6", 8", 9", 10", 11" and 12". Most are available with a new perforated option!  3 oz. & 4 oz. foil cups as well as a 5" tart pan complement the assortment. A variety of depths make our line of pie pans the sweet choice for your packaging needs.

  • Pot Pie Pan
  • Tart Pan
  • Pie Pan
  • Perforated Pie Pan
  • Extra Deep Pie Pan
  • Extra Deep Perforated Pie Pan
  • Shallow Pie Pan
  • Deep Pie Pan
  • Shell Pan


We offer loaf pans in a variety of sizes. To complete your packaging solution, plastic dome lids or foil lids are available for all sizes. There is also a laminated board lid option for applications not requiring the transparent feature of a plastic dome lid. Great for holiday baking or packer processor applications.

  • 1lb.
  • 1.5lb.
  • 2lb.
  • 5 lb.
  • Plastic and Laminated Lids


Muffin pans are available in three options.  The 6 cavity for standard muffins, the 4 cavities for giant "Texas" muffins and the 12 cavities for standard mini-muffins.

  • Mini Muffin - 12 Cavity
  • Standard Muffin - 6 Cavity
  • Giant Muffin - 4 Cavity


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Sheet Cakes

Sheet Cake Pans are offered in 1/4 size, 1/2, size and full-size sheet cake.  High and Low plastic dome lids are available for all of the various sizes. Sheet cake pans are excellent for use in the packer processor and bakery industries. The high clarity of our dome lids makes this combination an optimal package for your delectable food product.  Try a set today!

  • 1/4 Size Sheet Cake Pan
  • 1/2 Size Sheet Cake Pan
  • Full Size Sheet Cake Pan
  • Plastic Dome Lids, High Dome Lids, Low Dome Lids

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Oblong Danish pans are available in various sizes. Great for your food packaging applications

  • Oblong Danish
  • Hinged Plastic Tray
  • 4" Oblong Danish
  • 5" Oblong Danish

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Squares / Cakes

Squares, Cakes, and Oblongs are offered in numerous varieties. Aside from popular standard sizes, we provide a variety of depths to accommodate all of your amazing baking creations. Plastic dome lids are available for all of these cooking solutions.

  • 9" Round
  • 9" Square Cake
  • Oblong
  • Square Poultry
  • 8" Square Cake
  • Oblong Cake 
  • 9" Round
  • Deep Utility Pan
  • Plastic Dome Lids

Angel Foods

Angel food cake pans available with or without a center cup, optional lids available.

  • 8" Angel Food with Cup
  • 8" Round Baking - Deep
  • 10" Angel Food with Cup
  • 10" Round Baking - Deep

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Handi-foil of America® offers by far the largest line of roasting pans. With an assortment consisting of various sizes, available in either oval or rectangular shape, you will be sure to find the perfect solution for your roasting needs.  Some roasters even offer wire handles for easier handling. Plastic Dome Lids are also available for the most popular sizes! Find the perfect solution for your roasting needs today!

  • Perfect for big meals
  • Sturdy enough for cooking, serving, and carry out

We offer various shapes and sizes for all your roasting needs. From traditional sizes to our KING Roasters for the extra heavy-duty projects.

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Our seasonal category offers pans created with holiday designs and shapes.  We have something for all the major holidays, Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Halloween, and Christmas.  Plastic dome lids are available for all holiday pans.  Stay in a season with HFA's Seasonal offerings!

  • Red Heart Pan
  • Green Christmas Tree Pan
  • Red Oblong Snowman Pan
  • Pink Bunny Pan
  • Orange Pumpkin Pan
  • Red Santa Pan
  • Oblong Flag Pan

Senior & School Continuous Feeding

Elderly/School Continuous Feeding variety of personal-sized pans designed for cafeteria-style feeding. Pans feature separate sections for varying food combinations.

  • Hot Dog School Tray
  • Hamburger School Tray
  • 1Lb Shallow Oblong
  • 1 Lb Deep Oblong Pans


Offering a variety of aluminum foil solutions for the kitchen, including oven liners, burner liners, cookie sheets, and broiler pans. Find a product for an event or a special purpose: 

  • Burner Liner
  • Oven Liner
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Broiler and Mini Broiler
  • Potatoe Shell Mini Casserole Pan
  • Grill Sheet
  • Football Pan

Retail Catering

We offer a collection of retail catering pans in various shapes and sizes. Sold in bulk packs for heavy aluminum foil pan users. Attractive, eye-appealing label immediately conveys the intended use. Perfect for cash and carry locations.

This line offers the following products:

  • Round Cake Pan
  • Square Cake Pan
  • Full and Half Size Steam Table Pan
  • Black Plastic and Silver Embossed Round Serving Tray

Retail Roll Foil

We offer a wide variety of retail roll foil products to accommodate all your retail  foil needs:

  • Quality you can count on
  • Versatile and Easy to use
  • Kosher Certified

Grilling, baking, storing or crafting - retail roll foil is there to help you with your next project