When using an aluminum foil pan, what is the best way to remove it from an oven?
Handi-foil recommends removing all juices (if applicable) from pan with a baster before removing from oven and always support the bottom of the pan. Failure to do this could cause injury.
Can I buy directly from Handi-foil?
No. Due to contract obligations, we are not able to sell directly to consumers.
Do any of your products have lids? These would be good for traveling with food.
Yes. Our Cook-n-Carry (pans with lids) product line was designed for carrying food to picnics, holiday dinners, parties, storing leftovers, etc.
Are your products Kosher approved?
Yes. Our products have been endorsed as Kosher and bear the OU emblem.
Can I cook and freeze food in aluminum foil containers?
Yes. Aluminum foil containers are unaffected by extremes in temperature. They can go from freezer to oven and back to the freezer.
Can aluminum foil containers be used with all foods?
Yes. Aluminum foil containers are compatible with all foods and are odor and moisture proof.
Why did I only receive one lid when the label clearly states, "pans & lids"?
Our lids are designed to nest very tightly together to reduce package sizes, in an effort to be "green." Occasionally it will appear that you have received only one lid, however if you attempt to peel the lids apart you will find that your second lid is just tightly packaged. This is similar to how paper plates are tightly packaged together
Where can I purchase disposable electric or gas oven burner liners?
Our electric and gas burner liners along with our oven liners are now available online through Amazon.com or from Walter Drake.
Do foods take longer to cook when using aluminum pans?
Aluminum pans do not effect the amount of cooking time, however cooking times may vary based on your oven.
Are Handi-foil products American made?
Yes. They are manufactured in Chicago suburbs.