Handi-foil delivers a variety of superior solutions for your cooking and baking needs. Our aluminum pans can continually be recycled providing you with a meal that’s easy to clean up and easy on the environment. Discover our collection of bakeware that will surely make time in the kitchen a more pleasant, enjoyable experience!

King Roaster® Pans

  • Perfect for big meals
  • Eliminates Cleanup
  • Sturdy enough for cooking, serving, and carryout

We offer various shapes and sizes for all your roasting needs. From traditional sizes to our SUPER KING™ Roasters for extra heavy-duty projects. Handi-foil roasters are an essential part of every Thanksgiving and Christmas feast.

Cook-N-Carry® Lidded Products

  • Perfect for family gatherings and tailgating
  • Lid to protect or transport food
  • No mess to clean up

Attending a party or an event? Need to bring a dish? Don’t want to bring a mess home? Discover our solution with Cook-n-Carry pans with lids. Easy to snap on lids ensure worry-free traveling. Always reliable and 100% recyclable, Cook-n-Carry is the best way to enjoy your meals away from home.

High-End Bakeware 

  • Recyclable aluminum pans
  • Easy to use and no clean up
  • Good for meats, pastas or salads

Get eco-friendly convenience with and elimate cleaning with these sturdy foil baking pans for all your cooking and baking needs.

iCHEF® Upscale Lidded Bakeware

  • Great for cooking, transporting, and serving
  • Elegant Design
  • Superior Quality

Beautiful, traditional, elegant, these are just a few of the words that describe the excellence that is our new iChef Cook-n-Carry & Serve product line. These smooth wall pans are designed to be far superior in strength than any aluminum foil pan out there. With an exquisite smooth exterior, these pans are reminiscent of expensive permanent bakeware, without the high cost. Each pan is accompanied by a heat retaining lid ensuring your food to stay warm and spill free.

BBQ Basics®

  • Great entertaining or parties
  • Perfect for meats, pastas or salads
  • Disposable for easy clean up

Does that public grill look 100 years old? Grill sheets protect your food from public grills for the most sanitary experience. Grilling has never been such a breeze thanks to all our recyclable, environmentally friendly cooking options.

CrispBake® Dual Layer Insulated Bakeware

  • Elegant Style Pans
  • Crispy evenly baked from front to center
  • Great result with no cleanup

Looking for a perfect result every time? Dual layer helps to circulate hot air in the air pocket for perfect baking result from edge to center


  • Great for entertaining or parties
  • Easily prepare a delicious meal for you and your family
  • Great holiday design

Easily prepare a delicious meal for you and your family and make it fun with festive shape and colors just in time for the holiday

FunColors® Bakeware

  • Easily prepare a delicious meal for you and your family
  • Great for entertaining or parties
  • Unique Design

Having a holiday party and need to bring a dish? Foilabrations are colorful and creative pans for all seasons. Paired with easy to snap on lids, Foilabrations products make holidays more fun.