With so many foil pans and containers to choose from how do you know that you are picking the right pan for the job? Here's your cheat sheet to foil brands and features.

King Roaster® Pans

Getting ready for a big feast? This is the pan you need! No meal is too big for the family of King Roaster® Pans!

  • The strongest and deepest pans on the market
  • Sturdy and reliable


Ultimates® products from Handi-foil utilize patented design of curved sidewalls

  • Curved Sidewalls provide unmatched strength and sturdiness
  • Not just strong and sturdy, but reliable, convenient and affordable


iChef® brand products from Handi-foil are premium bakeware items with a stylish, yet affordable appearance

  • Smoothwall exterior gives the look of expensive bakeware without the worry of bringing the pan home.
  • An extension of our Cook-n-Carry® line, all iChef® products come with snap-on plastic dome lids.

Fun Colors®

Fun Colors® brand bakeware from Handi-foil delights everyone with fun, colorful, and affordable Plastic Lids.

  • Enhances any dish with attractive, vibrant colors ranging from everyday blue and red to seasonal pink, orange, green and purple.
  • An extension of our Cook-n-Carry® line, all Fun Colors® products come with snap-on plastic dome lids

High-End Bakeware

  • Recyclable aluminum pans
  • Easy to use and no clean up
  • Good for meats, pastas, or salads

Get eco-friendly convenience and eliminate cleaning with these sturdy foil baking pans for all your cooking and baking needs.


CrispBake® brand products are high-end insulated bakeware made from dual-layered aluminum

  • Air layer in between the dual-layered aluminum ensures even heat distribution
  • Promotes crispy pizza crusts, crispy edged brownies and crispy bottom cookies


Cook-n-Carry® brand products from Handi-foil always come with snap-on plastic dome lids promoting ease of carrying somewhere.

  • Designed for convenience & reliability, lidded Cook-n-Carry® is the “bring somewhere solution” that removes all worry of bringing the pan home
  • From cake pans to lasagna pans to roasters, there’s a Cook-n-Carry® solution that’s right for you!

BBQ Basics®

BBQ Basics® brand products from Handi-foil are the outdoor chef’s best friend