Sheet Cakes

HFA foil pans are ideal as sheet cake pans for those in the baking industry, restaurant, and any other foodservice operation. Handi-foil of America (HFA) is an industry leader supplying foil containers, roll foil, plastic dome lids, and high-quality complementary accessories to businesses and organizations in many industries, including carry-out, restaurant and catering, packer processor/bakery, senior & school continuous feeding, and food service distribution, among others. Handi-foil sheet cakes are a kitchen staple for those who want quality baked goods coming out of their kitchen.

Offered in 1/4 size, ½ size, and full-size sheet cake options, the Handi-foil aluminum sheet cakes are great for baking, serving, and displaying products. They are available with low and high plastic dome lids for all sizes except the full size. These HFA products are perfect for use in the packer processor and bakery industries, with the extreme clarity of the dome lids making these aluminum sheet cake pans ideal for a beautiful presentation.   

Separate aluminum sheet cake pans for different applications, such as baking, serving, and displaying food products, aren’t optimal as they can create more work during the whole process. Handi-foil aluminum sheet cake pans are an efficient way to easily get cakes, pastries, and other delicious goods from the baking process to your customers quickly.


Different Types of Sheet Cake Pans

Handi-foil sheet cake pans in a variety of sizes are excellent for many applications, depending on your business’s needs. These pans are very sturdy, won’t bend easily, and they’re made with heavy-duty aluminum.

1/4 Size Sheet Cake Pan

¼ size sheet cake pans are ideal for a wide variety of food applications, perfect for deserts, cakes, cookies, sweets, and more.

1/2 Size Sheet Cake Pan

Premium quality 1/2 size sheet cake pans sized nearly 18” x 13” are perfect for medium size cakes and batches of smaller desserts.

Full Size Sheet Cake Pan

Handi-foil’s full-size sheet cake aluminum foil pans measure nearly 26"x18" and are a perfect solution for high-volume baking, large cakes, and more. 

All-size cake pans come with clear low dome lids that snap on over the pan, providing a tight seal. They are perfect for an elegant food presentation and simple to transport.

HFA foil pans provide maximum convenience, great for baking, decorating, and serving, and they cook faster than a solid metal pan. They are non-stick, a must for any foodservice operation. These pans fit perfectly together and provide easy storage with their stackability.

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