Top-tier Round Aluminum Pans

For carry out, curbside pickup, left overs, or food transportation, food service companies turn to Handi-Foil of America, Inc. for innovative, reliable solutions. It’s more important than ever for institutional and commercial kitchens to have to-go food container option. You need a reliable solution for consumers who are eating on the go.
HFA’s round aluminum pans are an affordable, high quality, environmentally-friendly solution to the age-old problem of on the go food service. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, our pans are both highly dependable and lightweight. Easy to handle and secure, they are ideal for carry out from cafeterias, catering companies, nursing homes, and more. The clear plastic tops help you keep track of different foods, which can be essential when putting together large orders. The same transparency displays your culinary creation to the consumer. HFA’s top-quality round aluminum pans preserve the presentation of your meal while protecting your hard work.

Full Curl Technology

Our New HFA’s Patent Pending Full Curl Packing is better for safety and handling: 7” Round and 9” Round. This innovation eliminates the jagged edges that characterize traditional tops. By implementing a fully curled edge, we remove the hassle and danger of conventional aluminum round design. We strive to improve your products for greater safety and ease of handling, and our new design ensures that you can provide food service without aggravation.
Whether you are packaging or delivering, our Full Curl Packaging technology is convenient and promotes better safety and handling.


Our aluminum rounds are available in a variety of sizes to meet all of your serving needs. As curbside pickup and carry out remain popular dining options, it’s crucial that your establishment is able to easily meet mobile consumers’ demands. Have a container ready for any order with our round aluminum pans.

Proudly Serving Americans For Nearly 80 Years

Since its founding, Handi-foil of America, Inc. has garnered a strong reputation for creating first-class aluminum foil products used in every area of industrial and commercial food service. Innovative, recyclable, and reliable, our products make it easy for employees and patrons to transport food that tastes and looks as delicious as it did when it left the kitchen. Our original solutions set us apart from the competition and allow us to create tools that serve you. Every item we offer has been crafted with you and your establishment in mind.
HFA’s aluminum foil rounds are highly functional for a variety of restaurants, hospitals, schools, and food service establishments. Our wide selection of products and their superior construction will give your establishment the edge it needs to provide consistently exemplary service. HFA is your go-to partner for optimal food production and service. Discover our full product line for baking, food storage, cooking, and more. Do you have questions about how we can help your restaurant, bakery, school, or other establishment?

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