High-Quality Aluminum Food Service Containers

Institutional kitchens and food service providers who prepare meals for consumers must have smart solutions for food that is taken “to-go.” These products need to not only be convenient, but also sturdy enough to protect the integrity and presentation of your meal. For nearly 80 years, the professionals at Handi-foil of America, Inc. have provided first-class aluminum foil containers and food service accessories. Our products make it easy for employees and patrons to transport food that tastes and looks as delicious as it did when it left the kitchen. Oblong to-go food containers are versatile, and are the perfect choice for your bakery, restaurant, or any other productive food service operation. See how you can put this high-quality aluminum food service product to work for you.
Meatlballs in oblong container
Oblong container with compartments

Available In a Wide Variety of Sizes

Choose HFA oblong pans for small, medium, and large amounts of food, all of which will keep dinners delectable while serving. With curbside and pickup services more popular than ever, oblong food service to-go containers are a great way to enhance the carry-out food handling experience. They are affordable, popular solutions that make it easy for your institutional food operation to serve food for those on the go. These products are available in an extensive selection of sizes to accommodate any meal.

Choose from:

  • Sizes from 1lb. up to 5lbs.
  • Various depths (up to 2 inches of vertical depth).
  • Configurations to comfortably fit any type of meal.

Keep your food fresh in the refrigerator and avoid spills with extra protection. Laminated board lids and plastic dome lids are available for every oblong pan size and dimension.

Constructed With Full Curl Packaging Technology

Safety and handling are at the core of our packaging, and our oblong to-go food containers have been engineered with both of these characteristics in mind.

We’ve removed the threat of a sharp edge with patent pending Full Curl (FC) Packaging technology, instituted on all corners. Our oblong pans are made with an IVCF rim that is convenient and safe to the touch. The Comfort-Edge included has also reimagined the way institutional food service operations around the world facilitate carry-out orders and other types of food transportation, with products proudly made in the USA.

Your patrons can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner to-go in a container that provides the same presentation experience they would receive in your restaurant, bakery, or any other type of institutional food service operation.


Environmentally-Friendly Oblong To-Go Containers

Made with high-quality aluminum material, our oblong to-go containers are developed as a sensible solution for restaurants and other food service providers who want to keep mother nature in mind. Our products are environmentally-friendly and can be recycled after use. Providing food service for a large event? No need to worry about extensive clean up. Oblong to-go containers can be combined together and discarded in recycling, while those with food remaining can be secured and stored, keeping your food fresh. Keep your food fresh in the refrigerator and avoid spills with extra protection. Laminated board lids and plastic dome lids are available for every oblong pan size and dimension.

Providing Institutional Food Operations with First-Class Products for Nearly Eight Decades

 Handi-foil of America, Inc. takes pride in being an American manufacturer of aluminum foil containers, roll foil, plastic dome lids, and more. We care about our customers and the success of their food service operations. With every product we produce, care and creativity are leveraged for your benefit.

Choose HFA oblong to-go containers for a functional food service pan that can be used in a wide variety of restaurants, bakeries, and food service establishments.

We have the experience and product selection to help you optimize your food production and service. Discover our full product line for baking, food storage, cooking and more. You can also contact us for more information.