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Muffin Containers

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If your foodservice operation is in the muffin business, HFA muffin foil pans are a must. Professional bakers know how important it is to get a high, rounded dome top and the pans they choose have a big impact on whether or not they’re going to be happy with the finished product. Designed with individual cooking cups, Handi-foil muffin pans will help any kitchen or baker looking to create tasty, scrumptious cupcakes, muffins, or quiches.  HFA aluminum pans are an excellent choice to use as muffin pans; they’re lightweight and conduct heat smoothly to ensure an evenly cooked, reliable baked product.

HFA foil pans are an excellent choice for any commercial baker. They are disposable and convenient solutions that are great for baking muffins as well as selling them. Made with HFA aluminum, these muffin pans are designed to endure high oven temperatures and then cool down quickly for the best presentation.

HFA muffin foil pans come in different sizes, with different numbers of cavities depending on your needs, with sizes suitable for standard, giant, and mini cupcakes and muffins. They are disposable, made with 100% aluminum, have convenient grip edges, and will bake your muffins perfect, every time.   

Giant Muffin - 4 Cavity

This is HFA’s largest size 4-cup aluminum foil muffin trays have cavities with a 3.5 cup diameter. They are perfect for muffins, cupcakes, sweets, pastries, and more. They come in packs of 300.

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Standard Muffin - 6 Cavity

This traditional and most popular six-cavity 2.75 cup diameter size comes in a pack of 200 per case.

Mini Muffin - 12 Cavity

These 12-cavity aluminum foil pans make the ideal choice for miniature muffins, mini-cupcakes, sweets, pastries, and more. They come in packs of 250.

Handi-foil muffin pans will ensure that every cupcake and muffin that come out of your kitchen is cooked evenly, looking as great as it tastes.


Our clear Muffin containers are the ideal solution for all of your to-go food service needs, with deep and shallow capacities and the durability necessary to ensure freshness. They provide exceptional strength and quality and are offered in many sizes and shapes.  They fit perfectly together and provide easy storage with their stackability.

Handi-Foil of America is proud to be known as a trusted wholesale brand, well-known in the food service industry for manufacturing muffin pans with innovative design. Our team provides superior customer service and we’re recognized as pioneers and experts within our industry, and 80 years of experience crafting food container solutions is why we’re considered a market leader.

Contact us today to learn more about why Handi-foil’s innovative muffin pans are the right choice for you.