Aluminum Foil Roll Products

For more than 70 years, Handi-Foil has helped restaurants, cafeterias and other commercial food establishments operate at top performance with our full line of bulk aluminum foil roll products. When it comes to preparing and serving delicious meals in large volumes, nothing beats the efficiency and convenience of having plenty of top quality foil roll on hand. Whether you are covering dishes for baking, lining a pan, refrigerating ingredients in a container or wrapping to go orders for customers, our foil roll products will significantly increase your kitchen staff’s productivity. Our foil can handle both intense heat and extreme cold with ease, while keeping food moist and fresh. You can also minimize spills by covering pots and pans with foil for later use.

Bulk Aluminum Foil

Handi-Foil is proud to offer two types of aluminum foil roll products.


This is our premium brand of foil roll that provides outstanding quality and durability in any kitchen, restaurant or institutional food service environment. When you need the finest quality aluminum foil roll's for your operation, you can count on Handi-foil® to get the job done. Choose among a wide variety of sizes in either standard or heavy duty strengths. You will also love our eco-friendly packaging that not only saves space, but also conserves natural resources. Bulk aluminum foil rolls are available for purchase as well.


For price conscious buyers who are still looking for a top quality product, we offer our Medallion® line of foil roll. No matter what kind of food service business you are operating, this product will be a favorite among your staff for its ease of use and rugged durability. Choose between heavy duty or standard strengths to suit the specific needs of your commercial kitchen, food service company or restaurant. Our new eco-friendly packaging will help you make the most out of available storage space.

Catering Aluminum Foil Roll

Seven Decades of Manufacturing Excellence

When Handi-Foil first opened our doors in 1950, our mission was to produce the finest aluminum foil roll products in the marketplace. By never compromising on quality and always offering an outstanding value to our customers, we have remained the top product choice for so many commercial kitchens. We understand how important it is for your institutional food business to operate as productively as possible. Our full line of foil roll products will save time for your staff as they work to meet the output demands of your food operation. Let us be a part of your company’s success story.