Food Service Film Roll Products

Since 1950, the dedicated team at Handi-Foil has created the best food service film roll products that the industry has to offer. Large commercial and institutional food establishments use these items to cover food and keep it fresh and delicious.

We believe in offering quality food service film rolls that benefit your food preparation and storage needs. Our food service film products are designed to prevent spills, and keep your food and its ingredients tasting great for those you are serving. Clear food film also helps with food transparency, ensuring your meals remain organized, in addition to staying moist and delicious.

Film Roll Food Service

Handi-Foil Handi-Film food service film meets our high standards for efficiency and quality. We offer food service film rolls in three convenient sizes:

Food Service Film Grouping

12” Food Service Film Roll

Our food service film roll is used by a wide variety of food service industry professionals, including high-end restaurants and caterers. Choose Handi-Foil Handi-Film 12” food service film rolls for your commercial or institutional kitchen. They are factory sealed wraps, ready to cover and contain the delicious flavors of your meals.
Our premium quality 12”x 2000’ (305mm x 609.6m) food service film rolls include individually shrink-wrapped film made of top-quality PVC materials that provide the best performance the industry has to offer. Use our food service plastic wrap to cover meals waiting to be served, so your food dish is fresh and ready to eat when you need it.
Our food service film rolls are Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher Certified and are safe and clean to wrap over your dishes, pans and other pieces of cookware.

18” Food Service Film Roll

Do you need professional food service plastic wrap that is resistant to rips and tears when clinging to pots, non-lid containers, and more? With the same premium characteristics as our smaller film roll, Handi-Foil Handi-Film 18” x 2000’ (457mm x 609.6m) food service roll films provide additional coverage, and can handle the toughest kitchen duties.

Our food service film rolls, comprised of first-class PVC material, stretches and conforms to your dish. It’s quick and easy to apply to serving stations, and is ready to be used in any commercial or institutional food environment.
Your food service plastic wrap will maintain the rich and wonderful taste of your food in a box that has plenty of product to cover all your food items. When covering or wrapping several containers at a time, you need an efficient food service film that won’t unshrink or unseal. With Handi-Foil, you won’t have to worry, as our film maintains a tight fit, ensuring air doesn’t seep through to contaminate your food.

24" Food Service Film Roll

With clear food service film, you will always have transparent coverings – a necessity of commercial and institutional kitchens that handle a large amount of food products. When serving and storing food in commercial-size trays, bins, pans, poachers and more, easily identify food quantity and quality with Handi-Foil Handi-Film 24” x 2000’ (610mm x 609.6m) food service film rolls. Even on the busiest night in the restaurant or during a large function, your kitchen will operate at top performance, with the ability to produce on time and on budget. Our food service wrap, made of PVC material, maintains freshness, keeping the head of your kitchen happy and expenses low.

Food Service Film Slide Cutter, Metal Cutting Edge Included Recyclable Packaging

At Handi-Foil, we are committed to quality. All of the food service film rolls we offer include either a slide cutter or metal cutting edge, allowing for efficiency when removing film to cover your food.
Our food service film roll packaging is also recyclable and is smaller and more compact than others in the industry.

70 Years of Quality Food Service Products

Handi-Foil is proud to have supplied the world with the finest food service film and foil products for over seven decades. Our customers come first, and we design our products around their needs. We remain a top choice for food service providers and will continue to provide solutions that are functional and provide efficiency.
No matter the amount of food you need to serve or store, we have you covered.
We look forward to assisting your commercial or institutional food operation. Discover our full line of products for cooking, baking, food storage, and more.