Handi-foil foodservice products are well known as a market leader, providing quality aluminum foil danish pans and other products for many different industries. Handi-foil aluminum oblong danish pans come in various sizes, and they’re ideal for danishes, pastries, and other baked goods. They’re also an excellent choice for your food packaging applications.

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Danishes Containers


Handi-foil oblong danish pans are available in various sizes:

  • 4" Oblong Danish
  • 5" Oblong Danish
  • 6” Oblong Container

Our premium, quality aluminum danish foil pans are ideal for danishes, sweets, cakes, pastries, and more. These sturdy pans are great for baking, disposable for easy cleanup, and recyclable. In addition, HFA aluminum foil danish pans are oven and freezer safe. Your baked goods will come out evenly cooked every time, as these quality danish aluminum pans provide excellent heat retention.

High-quality aluminum danish pans are perfect for many applications and great for catering business, bakeries, cafes, and grocery stores. If you have a foodservice operation that requires to transport, sell, and bake some delicious baked treats, the Handi-foil aluminum danish pans are a great option to consider. Made with heavy-duty aluminum foil, whatever you bake in them cooks perfectly, and evenly throughout while maintaining freshness right from the oven. Imagine the aroma wafting off the delectable pastry – your signature pastry will look as good as it tastes. In addition, Handi-foil danish pans will support heavier pastries and they won’t bend or break during the entire cooking process - before, during, and after.

Cleaning up is quick and easy, with a disposable construction making cleaning up after an event or service simple. It also provides customers with excellent packaging, featuring a curled rim along with aluminum foil wrap that protects your danishes, pastries, and other baked goods. Handi-foil’s aluminum danish pans are great for bakeries, cafes, supermarkets, and any other foodservice provider.

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For more than 80 plus years, HFA has continued to provide affordable, quality foodservice solutions.  They are proud to be an industry leader and proud to manufacture products made with 100% aluminum foil right here in the USA. Handi-foil aluminum foil danish pans are yet another example of the quality associated with HFA.