Handi-Lock® Clamshell Containers

Handi-Lock clear-hinged plastic take-out containers, our line of clear plastic hinged containers, lock in freshness for a wide variety of restaurant, food service, and bakery needs.


  • Dual Handi-Lock® buttons give a secure closure with an audible snap
  • OPS material for excellent clarity, product visibility, and recyclability
  • Ribbed sidewalls for optimal strength and stackability
  • Stackable design for space-saving merchandising & stability

Keep your salads, sandwiches, and sides appealing and appetizing with these sturdy, flexible clamshell containers made with OPS material. Handi-Lock clear hinged takeout containers are recyclable and provide excellent product visibility and clarity. 

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Plastic Containers

Handi-Lock clamshell containers come in a wide variety of sizes. We also offer 3-compartment clear containers that are perfect for separating food contents.

Our plastic clear containers are equipped with dual Handi-Lock buttons for a secure, snap-tight closure. This helps to prevent leaks and keeps the food fresh. Ribbed sidewalls provide optimal strength and stackability.

These hinged clamshell containers are affordable and popular for many uses and within many industries.

Different Types of Plastic Clear Containers

Handi-Lock clear plastic hinged containers come in a variety of sizes:

  • 5" Square Shallow
  • 5" Square Deep
  • 6" Square Deep
  • 9" Shallow
  • 9" Deep
  • 9" x 9" Shallow with Three Compartments
  • 10" Shallow
  • 10" Shallow with Three Compartments

In addition, our Handi-Lock clamshell containers come in stackable designs for space-saving merchandising, stability, and efficiency. We understand whether you serve food in a restaurant, school, hospital, or any other setting with large amounts of people, being as efficient as possible is critical. Our Handi-Lock’s clear plastic food containers are the right solution for any take-out or food to-go purpose.

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Handi-Foil of America is proud to be known as a trusted wholesale brand, well-known in the food service industry for manufacturing clear clamshell containers with innovative design. Our team provides superior customer service and we’re recognized as pioneers and experts within our industry, and 80 years of experience crafting food container solutions is why we’re considered a market leader.  

Our clear clamshell containers are the ideal solution for all of your to-go food service needs, with deep and shallow capacities and the durability necessary to ensure freshness. They provide exceptional strength and quality and are offered in many sizes and shapes.  They fit perfectly together and provide easy storage with their stackability.

Contact us today to learn more about why Handi-foil’s innovative Handi-Lock clear hinged takeout containers are the right choice for you.