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Always at the front of the pack in bringing new innovative solutions to assist you in the kitchen, check out what’s new.

Fun Colored Lids

Have fun and show off you pans with our new Fun Colored Lids! These are great for parties, graduations, holidays, etc. With six colors to choose from, you will be sure to make an impression at your next event!

Non-Stick Pans

Tired of having to lather your pans with butter to prevent food from sticking to them? Try our cake and lasagna pans with our new Non-Stick technology! Food will lift easily from the pan... no mess, no fuss. Easily recognize our Non-Stick pans with our new label design and blue color bands!

Multi Pack Items

We know your time is valuable! With our new multi-pack products, you can spend less time running to the store and more time doing what you love. Our multi-pack products come in a variety of items from cakes, pies, loaves, and more!

BBQ King™

Enjoy grilling season with our new BBQ King™ pan. This vented grill sheet helps to protect against flare ups and helps to prevent food from falling through grate.

Multi Pack Steam Tables

Our Steam Tables come in two sizes; the full steam table and the half steam table. The full steam table is designed to fit in the Foldable Chafing Rack while two half steam tables nest into the full steam tables. All steam tables are 100% recyclable keeping the environment clean.

Folding Chafing Rack

The foldable chafing rack is designed to hold our top of the line Steam Tables and two containers of chafing fuel. Our design allows the chafing rack to fold into a flat piece for easier storage. Also, due to the superior quality of the rack, you are able to reuse it multiple times. Click here to view a video demonstration on how simple our Folding Chafing Rack is to assemble!

Multi Pack Roasters

Same great quality roasters now in a convenient 5 pack. We offer both multi pack large rectangular rack roasters and multi pack oval rack roaster to fit you perfect feast. All roaster are made from 100% recycled material to help keep our environment clean.

Storage Containers with Folded Lids

These containers are available in two different sizes. With the foil board lid you can store your leftovers in the freezer, and when it's time to heat up a quick meal you can go straight from freezer to the oven. Make clean-up easy with Handi-Foil Storage Containers. For easier storage, fold the lids and store them in the containers. This will allow you to nest the containers together and give you much more storage space in your cabinets.