Chicken Venetian


3 Servings


Chicken/Turkey, Low-Fat, Main Dishes


3 Skinless Boneless Chicken-Breast Halves, Or Thighs
1/4 c  Soy Sauce; Low Sodium
2 tb Red wine vinegar
1/4 ts Vegetable oil
1 lg Clove Garlic
1/4 ts Oregano

Cooking Instructions:

Mix soy sauce, vinegar, oil, crushed garlic, and oregano. Pour mixture over chicken arranged in shallow baking dish and cover. Bake for 375? for 45 minutes, then turn chicken and bake an additional 15 minutes.

This comes out extremely tender and has a wonderful flavor.

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NOTES : Cal  117.8, Fat 1.9g, Carb 2.8g, Fib 0.2g, Pro 21.5g, Sod 705mg, CFF  14.9%.

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