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Always at the front of the pack in bringing new innovative solutions to assist you in the kitchen, check out what’s new.

Tru-Fit™ 1/3 Steam Table Pan

HFA is proud to bring you another innovation. Introducing the Tru-Fit™ 1/3 Steam Table Pan that is second to none! With our new Tru-Fit™ design, the pan fits snug into the Full Steam Table Pan with minimal steam loss. Serve more food varieties with our convenient 1/3 size. Patented Design


Handi-Lock® is our new line of clear plastic hinged containers. These hinged containers are popular and affordable solutions for all carry-out applications.  They're versatile enough to also accomodate a wide variety of food service, bakery, and restaurant needs.

Eco-Friendly Food Service Roll Foil

Introducing Food Service Roll Foil with Eco Friendly Packaging. ECO Friendly packaging helps save trees, reduce landfill waste, decreasing shipping costs and improves pallet pack out.


Introducing our newest combo for Gourmet-To-Go®.  Our 100% recyclable entrée containters with snap on dome lids are great for travel! They make cooking convenient due to the ability to go straight from the freezer directly to the oven. Now available in silver!