About Us

Leading The Industry Into The Next Decade

Handi-foil of America ® (HFA, Inc.) has just completed our most successful decade in our company’s history due to our commitment of providing quality products and service to our customers.  Our inspiration to be the best has come from listening to our customer’s insights and meeting the ever changing needs of the foodservice industry.  HFA continues to invest heavily in equipment and technology to enhance our state of the art facilities.  This enables us to be on the leading edge of product innovation and ensure that our customers are supported by a world class supplier.

Over the past ten years, our top priority has been to bring new products and improvements to the marketplace. This priority has driven the success and growth of our valued customers and has given us the title of market leader.   Just in the past year, we have introduced two ground breaking product enhancements.  The first enhancement is our new line of “Eco-Friendly Space Saving Roll Foil” boxes, which have dramatically reduced packaging, warehousing, and shipping costs for our customers, while at the same time allowing HFA to contribute to the global effort of protecting the environment.  The second enhancement is our redesigned steam table pans.  This new design has increased the strength of our steam table pans by 10-15%, while upgrading their decorative appearance. For more information on these two progressive improvements or any other product line that we offer, please contact your sales manager or email us directly at ecofriendly@handi-foil.com.

As we look to the decade ahead, we want to first acknowledge our customers for their support and trust in our company. Our success over this past decade is only overshadowed by the bright future we see in store for our business and the customers we serve. It is through the combination of your loyalty and our passion to service your needs that our success is possible.

Thank you for the opportunity to supply you with the Handi-foil of America product line. We will continue to deliver on our promise of leadership for many years to come.


Brad Sarnoff